ASCOM Precious Metals Mining


APM Mission

  • To pursue mining opportunities within the region that contain or have the potential to contain greater than 1 million Oz of gold (or base metal equivalents) through either farm ins, joint ventures or acquisitions.
  • To acquire grass roots projects that are in highly prospective ground evidenced by:
    • Favourable regional geology from available research material
    • Encouraging geological features highlighted by geophysical and satellite data
    • Significant artisanal workings in the project area
    • Favourable commercial terms offered by the concession holder
  • To create a “pipeline” of opportunities focusing initially on Ethiopia and Sudan and broadening out to the remainder of Northeastern Africa.
  • To instil confidence in APM’s shareholders and joint venture partners by creating a geological team that can cost effectively and rapidly evaluate any exploration property and advise as to a clear “go forward” plan, maximizing the opportunity for success in a high risk, high return business.
  • To Utilize our key shareholders ASCOM and Qalaa Holding’s network bases to identify and alert APM to potential opportunities to farm in, acquire or joint venture on more advanced exploration projects in the region.
  • To ensure that the governments and communities with which APM interacts view APM as a company they can willingly work with and support into the future.